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Dr. Jai Prakash Jha BNYS, M.D. And Naturo-pathologist ayurved formulation Research and development, Ayurveda Pharmacist. Editor, Author, Trainer Counsellor & Consultant Admin Heard In Jagadguru Institute & Founder Marketing Director In Jwell Herbs Company. IMA BLOOD BANK ACTIV MEMBER IN Bareilly uttar Pradesh North India. www.jwellherbs.com, www.drjpjha.com jwellhrbs@gmail.com

We facilitate the inward journey-towards self-realization, the mind power consultancy, dynamic unique & powerful tools. You must be aware the importance of education, motivation training sessions & support system in any business. First, let's introduce myself. the Dr Jai prakash jha admin heard in jagadguru institute of our organization, Dr. Jai has around 13 years of experienced in sales, marketing & training like direct selling , insurance, non-banking, it etc. He got the best exposure at a leader of new generations, young age to see great speakers and trainers in practice. Dr. Jai is also expert in conducting seminar, selling skills, positive attitude, ayurveda, science of yoga & naturopathy, related fields of life sciences, motivational workshop, leadership development programs, one to one & u table counseling, anger management, time management, public speaking skills self confidence etc. today, we have a 100% strong team of ace trainers, motivational speakers, and business counselors, mind power & human psychology. We also have client servicing staff with the ability to put together a wide array of custom and generic programs for personal effectiveness and professional skills training.


15 Month Computer Course from: - EXCEL NET COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTER

  • 1. Master Diploma in Computer Information & System Management.Everonn System India Limited.
  • 2. Computer Awareness Programme in 2008-2009


  • 1. B.N.Y.S, {Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science}
  • 2. Perusing M.D. (Jagadguru Shankaracharya Medical Institute Chitrakoot U.P.)
  • 3. Ayurved Pharmacist.
  • 4. Panchakarma.


  • 1. Senior Editor, Author (Health Problem & 4 Books, Third and Fourth Book only family relation Under Working Pro.),
  • 2. Motivational Trainer.
  • 3. Counsellor & Consultant
  • 4. Expert in Ayurved Herbs Formulations
  • 5. Specialist in Yoga, Meditation & Spiritualism.
  • 6. Medical Experience: - Ayurveda Extract, Herbal Herbs, Yoga & Naturopathy.
  • 7. Panchagavya Chickasha


  • 1. Management Administrative Quality.
  • 2. Leadership Quality.
  • 3. Nationalism & Humanity.
  • 4. Punctuality & Disciplines.


All Over India.


  • 1. Active Member of IMA Blood Bank Bareilly Uttar Pradesh
  • 2. kreeda bharati National Sports An Organization working for Sports across India.
  • 3. Having presence in more than 550 districts of India.
  • 4. Member of Spiritual Science Research Foundation Goa India.
  • 5. Jwell Herbs Founder Marketing Director
  • 6. Jwell Foundation Fonder Director
  • 7. Member of NASYA-National Ayurveda students & youth Association


  • 1. Reading Books Success.
  • 2. Listening soft Music.
  • 3. Attends the Govt. of India health Program
  • 4. Development Mega Workshop Programs.
  • 5. Tourism, (Social Services Every Moment),
  • 6. Positive Conviction.
  • 7. Exercise, / Yoga / Meditation, Study & Writing, its.


  • 1. Positive Attitude.
  • 2. Positive thinking.
  • 3. Hard working.
  • 4. Positive Commitment.


  • 1. 13 year experience Motivator, Speaker Trainer, Author -- MLM Networking, & Direct Selling industry In the World.
  • 2. Medical : 05 Years.
  • 3. Youth Service : 11 Years.
  • 4. Social Work : 12 Years.
  • 5. Sales & Marketing : 13 Years.
  • 6. Export and Import Ayurveda Herbs and All kind of Ayurveda Extract in 7 Years.

Dr. Ashish Sharma Leader Of Motivation speaker, Trainer , Faculty of personality development. Worked as commercial officer at spicejet airline, Did many seminars on personality development In different different colleges. And different Location , Like sobti public school, ana group of institutions, RIMT INSTITUTIONS, Govt degree college badaun Also taken lecture on personality development in P. A. C BATALIYAN , Did professional training with Kishore namit kapoor acting labs In Mumbai.

Taken many presentations in media newspaper Like amar inext, 2took,hindustan newspaper: Having 7 years of training experience in skill development program.

"The main concern is that the students doing studies even their parents giving them proper education but the main problem is job offers for student: The main reason is that we producing students.

But not producing skills Because some how students aswell as faculties are responsible They only focus on study Not practical study We create our session more effective and attractive with the help of giving themlive examples Ortake them towards the reality of life.

Mr. Murli Dhar Jha is the Co- Founder director of JWELL HERBS. He began his business in 1986 by (Practice) and trading in Pharmaceuticals.

He has expertise in Pharmaceuticals. He is also entrusted the responsibility to export our work profession. He has over 30 year experience in Pharmaceuticals Company, And Allopathic Madison, Medical profession, Ayurved Science.

"The main concern is that the students doing studies even their parents giving them proper education but the main problem is job offers for student: The main reason is that we producing students.

He is one of the founding pillars of the company.

He is handling business &home affair very efficiently. With her support & valuable advice company is growing to skies.


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