• Thursday, January 24, 2019 4:17:11 PM


  • 1. I hereby confirm that I have attained the age of 18 years prior to my application for Distributor registration to Jwell herbs.
  • 2. I shall become Distributorupon acceptance of the application by Jwell Herbs and not an employee, agent or to be partner of the company. As a DistributorI shall have the right to present/market the service and products offer by Jwell Herbs in accordance with the marketing and Compensation plan and statement of the policy, which may be amended from time by the Jwell Herbs, at this sole discretion.
  • 3. I have carefully read and understood the Jwell Herbs marketing Plan and statement of Policies and acknowledge that they are incorporated as part of this agreement in their present form and as modified from and as modified from time by Jwell Herbs at it sole discretion.
  • 4. I understood that as the Distributor in Jwell Herbs, I have to follow the marketing system designed/approved/amended from time to time. It is my duty to know, update and understand system related information available through News Letters or Jwell Herbs website.
  • 5. 1 ID Distributor1 PAN Details Will is given
  • 6. K.Y.C. Documents is Mandatory.
  • 7. Detail of Bank account &Pan card is mandatory in Application Form.
  • 8. 30 Days Product Refunds , Money Back guaranty (Police )
  • 9. Distributorshall not sell any Jwell Herbs Products for a price exceeding the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) but may sell any Jwell Herbs Product for a price lower than MRP.
  • 10. Jwell Herbs shall deduct the TDS charges 5 % /Service tax 2 % /Donate to Charitable Trust 3 % (if applicable) from the incentive to be made to the Distributoras per the Government rules.
  • 11. All calculations given in the brochure are just example
  • 12. To qualify for ALL income, you need to buy the products of minimum 700 SV (Sales Volume) 4 rolling weeks period time.
  • 13. In order to carry forward volume or Payout, an Distributor needs a PSV of 700 in the 4 weeks or accumulated.
  • 14. Left and Right sponsor mandatory for Team Development Meching Bonus. And Sponsor Team Sharing Bonus. If condition not met then pay out will not be calculated.
  • 15. Rank holders and senior Distributor are required to give regular seminars, trainings, Jwell Club Events etc.
  • 16. Every quitter faze 90 Days business will be laps inactive id
  • 17. Power Leg carry forward
  • 18. Transparency & Flexibility
  • 19. I Also agree that Jwell Herbs can use my name and photo for promotions/ demonstration or Advertisement propose and I will not claim or ask for compensation in any form, for the same.
  • 20. I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agree to the terms & conditions set forth in this agreement.


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